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In 1938 in the Soviet Union, the musical Volga-Volga became a great success and most probably Martin Scorsese’s New York New York (1977) was inspired by it. The Russian stylist Misha Pantaleov lives and produces in Japan. He was inspired as well by Volga-Volga possibly because he was missing home. We do not know. What we can say for sure about Volga-Volga collection is that it is an undercurrent product, where everything is in a low voice. Only those who are able to peruse it, can grasp the subtle charm of the extreme attention to detail. Filed buttons one by one so that they do not appear too new. Diagonal seams so that the fabric falls in a certain way. Not to neglect a perusal to the unique fabrics, which are part of the fantasmagoric and rich Japanese textile heritage. The shape of these clothes deserve a mention too, at a first glance it appears to be very simple but slowly its secret complexity unveils. The charm of this small often delectable collection lies just in this characteristic.


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