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Our philosophy and point of view

Show room and shop. The deepest meaning of things (or rather, 'the spirit' of things) comes first and foremost, from the name we give them.

In the term "show-room" the key word is "show": to show, to make a spectacle.

In the Ottorino Pianigiani Italian etymological dictionary, the term "shop" is defined as the "negation of ozio (idleness, laziness)", but also as "employment", an "affair", "care", alongside its other more common meanings such as "a place people buy and people sell".

Now: IVO MILAN is a shop. From the shop it has retained the name of its founder, which stands as proof of its continuity and history of over 100 years. But it remains a place built upon the words "business" and  "care".

Bisogna (business, affair). Defined as the "necessity" to always find the authentic reason for the inner workings of things, far from overly-paved streets; searching -  in clothes and in the way one dresses - for an original opportunity for self-reflection, whilst, in the words of Rei Kawakubo, trying to know what "has never seen before".

Care. Defined as the "big and assiduous diligence" in the process of passionately building an itinerary of 'knowing' together with the customer, of privileging interaction and the exchange ideas, whilst giving the space (the shop as "atelier") and time (as "opportunity to know") that added value which is the greatest asset of the 'shop' as we know it.

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