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Faced with the rare opportunity to see live a piece of the great master of the so-called Japanese school, Yohji Yamamoto, the public reaction is always the same: silence and an expression which instantly makes you to say, quite simply, 'Here we are beyond'. Beyond fashion, beyond seasonal trends, beyond what normally you can see around, beyond the rampant boredom of making clothes with tolerance range.

In increasingly critical times for clothing, where less space is given to the know how to do, where production times are increasingly compressed to reduce costs and, above all, increase the profit margins of manufacturers, to be able to intercept a garment of Yohji Yamamoto is like finding rest after a long wandering. Because the high tailoring, applied to usable models and eloquent design, can thrill like any other noble artistic expression. And Yohji more than ever, is skilled weaver of ancient knowledge and contemporary solicitations, gained in metropolitan areas with high concentration of relations and reflections.


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