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The philosophy steering the soul of the young English group called Toogood is clearly expressed in a polemic manifesto against the obsolescence typical of the fashion system and of its rooted habit of decontextualizing arbitrarily clothing from any experience of people’s real life. The opposition declared against the voracious rhythms of a fashion consuming itself during just one season, consuming together the work and the existence of whom produce it, is expressed through different components: a very accurate fabric selection; an indistinct age and gender diversification; a sober poetic that doesn’t reveal in the shapes any connection with the aesthetic tendencies of the moment; a very limited distribution and strictly connected with the high artisanal execution standards. In all this Toogood is manifestly contemporary. Themes became focal in the social debate, as the gender question, the attention to the production chain, not to mention the already historic dispute around the  depersonalization of the industrial processes, are nodal points in Toogood group identity. At its forth collection, hand-painted cotton organza and crunchy canvas of an immediate beauty when in movement, or moreover complex artisanal patchworks and over-fit historicized overcoats, sustain that radical manifesto about dressing men and women, young and less younger, emancipated from any artificial and doubtful aesthetic.




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