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The name Kunihiko Morinaga, 1980 class, hides itself behind a brand, Anrealage, that with that privative suffix at the beginning, an, denies two different meanings: reality and time. An important hint, that helps to understand the experimental will of the very young designer:


  • nothing is what appears
  • every seasonal tendency doesn’t fall within the primal interests of the collection proposed.


In fact we are inside the Japanese school, where the wish to affect and to stand out from a conceptual point of view prevails on the more simply broad consensus marketing phenomenons.

With Light collection Morinaga makes his debut in Paris with a strong experimental collection, put together around the engineering exercise of the photo-sensibility. Every garment translates a possible light manifestation. Actually photo-sensible outfits come out on the runway that, on the base of the solicitation they were subjected, modify their chromatic aspect and all the collection conducts the radiant light theme. The formal circles on the pea coats and on the coats emphasize the idea of the spot light. A luminous circle testifies extremely sophisticated treatments in the colour distribution, an absorption of the light tones more complex to tell than any print realized until now.

The radiant light theme is also on the knitwear, developed around a single fabric thread that, in the weft, alternates the with the shade represented by the black colour.

Or moreover, what could appear at first glance an elementary printed velvet, reveals with the movement its textile three-dimensionality: fibre, weft graphite traces on the contrasting colour, compressed in realizing a familiar textile evocation made by lights and shades never seen before, something that has absolutely to be observed live because there is no description able to give back effectively the final result.

Also in the garments with an aspect less bold and experimental, in reality thermic properties or decorative elements are very well hidden and they allow not only to enjoy the light portability of coats and pea coats, but also to modify their aspects, especially the length, at your own convenience.

A great respect new entry, Anrealage has to be observed and waited with the enthusiasm of the most curious youth towards every possible, revolutionary formal and textile manipulation.


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