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Emerging reality, located in the famous textile district of Carpi, Italy, Un-Namable makes use of the precious local manufacturing heritage to realize a womenswear line easily integrable with the formal complexity of the most important exponents of the so-called Japanese school.

With an increasing interest and wealth of content, a timeless fashion idea is consolidating itself, freely accessible, without any aesthetic conditioning from the specialized press. A front that express itself particularly in the work of young designers, prepared by the richness of spurs, of contaminations and experiences offered by a contemporaneity definitely shortened by the speed of the informations.

So it’s inevitable to look for similarities and evocations in the Un-Namable clothing: Carpe Diem? Rick Owens? Koeun Park herself of Forme d’Expression could be the stylistic references of Eita Nakamura, the very young Italo-Japanese designer of the Emilian company. A particular attention in researching fabrics with a ‘worn’ appearance, not blended colours, just outlined geometrical shapes, basically opened, allows Un-Namable to place itself in the best international exhibition spaces.

A great balance between planning quality, textile offer and costs accessibility makes the new brand a perfect trait d’union between worlds usually reserved to a more elitish public and the need of representation of vanguards still not so much included and interpreted.


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