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During the long and influential career Vivienne Westwood has always put her exuberant individuality as the fundamental element of her work, making her creations physical expression of her thought. Even if at first she presents herself as the fashion provocateur par excellence, dictating the punk movement style at the beginning in the 1970’s, her stylistic path has been always deeply rooted in her heritage. Madame Viv radically changed British fashion being always stuck on its textile and tailoring tradition.

The semi-couture Gold Label line it is to her unceasing experimentation. Her mix-and-match irreverent attitude put together peculiar cuts and asymmetries with striking structural pleating, the tops recall the shape of the 18th century stays, de-structured cut raw cut dresses come along with an ably made knitwear with unexpected details.

Her fashion is provocation, tension, reaction, This kind of clothing ask questions and challenge ourselves to consider, to explore the unknown. Her dresses have the aim to amaze and to alter the physical reality around them and consequently our perception of it.

And again it is the ancient past, fils rouge of all her path, to inspire the British designer in the Spring/Summer 2014 collection development. She says:

 Now that our World is at the chaos point I want to know more about the order of the medieval community. My interest in these people deepens. A couple of years ago I went with Andreas (Vivienne’s husband) to Canterbury. There was a service in the cathedral and we weren't allowed in to the splendor of the nave and alter. I'm so glad because instead we gained another experience; we explored the cloisters and vaults within the environs of the building and I felt all along that I was wandering in the presence of ordinary people who lived in a different world to mine and I thought of the specialists- the alchemists of those days who aspired to become more spirit than flesh because they believed in a divine order of things. Our medieval pilgrims on their journey must be austere, serious and festive each wearing her most important clothes.

So Viviene Westwood sponges of an ancient world to support the Climate Revolution, the climate changing awareness campaign that she undertook in the last few years. Her wish for our society is in fact the restoring of a balance, nowadays increasingly precarious, between man and nature which allows the humanity to keep evolving in the respect of the environment. A strong message that Vivienne takes on the catwalk, with commitment and devotion, season after season.




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