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Young designer from the North, Backlund has already been internationally acknowledged. Her handicraft and artistic quality, her care for recycled materials, won her very important prizes, including her role at MoMu, the famous Antwerp Museum of fashion. Backlund’s works are able to amaze and ravish, in a sort of irrepressible urge to follow and attain the original thought that gave birth to everything. Using a technique that is similar to collage, the Swedish designer’s style reproduces, multiplies and juxtaposes a basic micro-module, that gives shape to the final structure: a dress, a racket, a jumper. The handmade, therefore unique garments, spread out in space, acquiring a sculpture-like three-dimensionality and their final look at the same time. Never calculated beforehand, this look defines itself in the process, by freely complying with the suggestions of a creative act focused on the matter. As she put it, her way of working has more connections with sculpting than tailoring, and she cannot be in the wrong, considering the incredible results she has obtained. Do you want a suggestion? Allow yourself the time necessary to look at the details that make up her masterpieces, by following the thread of an absolutely visionary imagination.


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