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More than making a collection, Daniela Gregis makes people think of a world that for many people is the best world possible. Materials are traditional and natural, simple and precious at the same time. The mix of colours expresses a harmony that is universally recognised because it reminds us of sunsets and the succession of the seasons, of night and day, but also the intimacy of rural homes. The fabrics are handmade or produced by the long process of the loom. Nevertheless, the designer’s work cannot be reduced to a nostalgic recollection of a past that is forever lost. The present day is revealed by the skilled mixture of simple and complex shapes with a clear Japanese influence and many different cultural suggestions, taken from a planet Earth that is made smaller by technology and by the speed of information. Daniela Gregis clothing is able to touch inner chords that are stifled by today’s frantic rhythms, outlining a sustainable future that might finally have a human dimension.


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