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BAO BAO Issey Miyake

The name itself of the BAO BAO bags, produced by Issey Miyake’s laboratories, tells how they are more design objects than simple everyday accessories. In fact in conceiving it and giving it a name the Japanese designer was inspired by the futuristic architectonic work of Frank Gehry, the Guggeheneim Museum in Bilbao.

The traditional origami concept, together with new mathematic-textile techniques, is inserted, in a totally revolutionary way, in a product already recognized worldwide thanks to the triangular modules composing it. The small PVC plates create a chameleonic bag, that takes the shape of what it contains and moulds itself according to how it is worn or how it is just put on a surface. In an unceasing game of shapes and reflections, the colours are enhanced by the flashes that the PVC itself captures and reflects. Every tiny detail of this object recalls the complexity behind its design. Thanks to sophisticate proprietary techniques developed by the maison, the long-standing problem of the production wastes is solved and the final product becomes not repeatable. Umpteenth Issey Miyake stroke of genius  that, with this accessories line, has made once again the joy of colour and the infinite expressive possibilities of shape accessible and wearable. 


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